Horseback Tour to Bijagual Waterfalls

Your adventure trip through the horses and not for the faint of cascading waterfalls heights.

The Bijagual the cliffs in the jungle of Jaco. Falling Waters unlock the secrets of these places adventures ready to face the challenge of discovery . Climbing the small mountain range between Carara National Park and the protected area Turrubares , Bijagual road is a rewarding experience , alternating between the breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and the fishing villages of the coast and vegetation change radically Jaco.


Early risers assisted by expert naturalist guides will observe the abundant wildlife , it is easy to detect in many canyons traversed by the winding road. After this scenic drive , visitors continue to provide access to horse around this magical place. The jungle trail leads visitors to a few hundred meters from where the roar of the falls mixes with the calls of toucans and scarlet macaws . Explorers will experience the pleasure of nature with a dip in the crystal clear pools at the base of the falls. This challenging adventure trip includes hiking, but must be in good condition

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